Local Partner: RAFCO        Years Funded: 2015-Present

The SAM Foundation was founded in March of 2008. In the past, they have completed multiple eye and medical camps. Their goal is to eradicate avoidable blindness and make treatment readily available to poor villagers, as well as provide skills in a working profession to the younger generation. 

This organization works on community health, sanitation, Vocational Training & awareness and provides necessary treatments to the poor villagers. They help & encourage poor meritorious students at school in the college & university levels. Saber Ahmed provides special care to the poor, pregnant, helpless and old while ensuring peace & harmony in society and prevention terrorism. They continue to conduct various social &philanthropic projects at home & abroad.

BACHAO Funds have been used here in a very careful and effective way to expandtheir charity work. RAFCO sees charity work as very noble activities to driveforward society, country as well as the world community for the uplifting ofits value, quality and standard. They believe it may work to bring harmony inthe civil society of the whole world.

With funding from BACHAO, Saber Ahmed Master Foundation Eye Project has provided:

  • General Eye Treatment to nearly 1,000 eye patients (Students & Villagers)
  • Cataract (SICS) operation with lens placement completed for 176 poor rural patients