The BACHAO Ambassador Program began in 2013 as a cadet branch of BACHAO, designed for young second-generation Bangladeshi-Americans to become active members of the community while simultaneously gaining a better understanding of their own heritage. The program currently consists of 14 bright and motivated young students from all over Southern California.

BACHAO Ambassador Mission Statement
  1. To raise awareness among our peers about Bangladesh and its living conditions, in order to help the underprivileged citizens of Bangladesh attain a better standard of living.
  2. Foster a sense of charity and promote charitability within our home of Southern California.
With the first part of their mission statement in mind, every year, the BACHAO Ambassadors pledge to support various programs that fund the education of impoverished students in Bangladesh. In the past, the Ambassadors have supported causes such as:
  • Funding the education of four Bangladeshi university students through the Gulshan Rotary Club, Meritorious Student Scholarship Program. Click to find out more.
  • Supporting Speak Up for the Poor’s Girls’ Education Program that enables the education of over 1,000 young girls in Bangladesh. Click to find out more.
The BACHAO Ambassadors also collaborate with local businesses to plan events to outreach to their local community. Such events include:
  • An annual book drive    
  • Volunteering at food banks and soup kitchens
  • Family friendly community activities such as hike-a-thon and a bowling night
  • Raffles and silent auctions at the annual BACHAO Benefit Event
The BACHAO Ambassadors are overseen by the BACHAO Board of Directors, as well as by the BACHAO Mentors. Since 2015, BACHAO Mentors have been hand-picked by the BACHAO Board of Directors from the Ambassadors who have successfully completed their two-year program and have stood out for their leadership and dedication to the program.  The Mentors guide the Ambassadors and advise them on how best to accomplish their goals.

If you or your child is interested in becoming a BACHAO Ambassador, please first check the eligibility requirements listed in the FAQ page, then submit an online application. The application for the program will close on December 1. If this is a mission you feel passionate about, please complete the application below to be considered for the upcoming  Ambassador cycle.

Please help us change lives. Changing one life can change the world.