What type of organization is BACHAO?

BACHAO is an IRS 501(c)(3) US-registered non-profit public charity organization formed in Southern California in 2008. The organization is formed exclusively to perform a variety of charitable activities in Bangladesh.

What is BACHAO’s mission?

The principal mission of BACHAO is to promote basic education and health care of underprivileged children in Bangladesh so that they have an opportunity for a better life. This organization has been formed to provide relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged of Bangladesh, and support other organizations conducting charitable activities.

BACHAO believes that healthcare and education are the two most important factors affecting the well-being of a child, and by providing education and basic healthcare (including preventive immunization) to the underprivileged children, those children will have a chance to become productive members of society and attain economic independence.

How does BACHAO run its charitable activities?

BACHAO raises funds from its members and donors and funds the projects directly or partners with other charitable organizations in Bangladesh who provide charity services consistent with BACHAO’s overall goal. Projects are funded based on their merit and only after they undergo a very thorough vetting process.

How does BACHAO select projects for funding?

There are no earmarked recipient organizations, but BACHAO is primarily focused on funding non-profit organizations in Bangladesh. BACHAO identifies projects in the poor neighborhoods and villages of Bangladesh where resources can be most effectively used in consistence with BACHAO’s mission objectives.

BACHAO’s grant duration is for 12 months only. Any entity requesting continued funding will need to resubmit a formal proposal each year. The BACHAO Board of Directors will evaluate those proposals in light of the proposal’s merit, as well as the recipient organization’s past performance on projects funded by BACHAO. BACHAO has an application form, which is very comprehensive, that has to be completed by interested non-profit organizations seeking funding from BACHAO.

BACHAO’s Board of Directors reviews all project proposals received from various organizations and grants funds to selected organizations based on the merits of the proposed project objectives. The recipients describe their responsibilities in their project proposals.

Does BACHAO directly support a foreign government or political or religious organization?

BACHAO does not support any foreign government directly. Any organization requesting funding from BACHAO must be completely non-political and must not be directly or indirectly involved in any political or religious activities.

What kind of due diligence investigation is done in advance of funding approval?

BACHAO uses a two-step process for its due diligence investigation before approving any funds. The first step involves the BACHAO Board of Directors thoroughly reviewing all project proposals, judging the project objectives in light of BACHAO’s mission, reviewing track-records, checking background and credibility of each applicant through various documentation and testimonials supplied by the applicants with their project proposal.

Once it is determined that the grant application looks promising, the BACHAO Board of Directors undertakes step two, which involves verifying the credibility of the organization through local personal contacts of the Board of Directors and through others who are already involved in similar charitable activities in Bangladesh.

What reports or other mechanisms are used to track the use of funds?

All recipients are required to submit a project progress report as soon as possible, but no later than nine months from the date BACHAO remits the donation to the recipient project account. This progress report shall contain the following items: (i) brief detail of activities and services completed using BACHAO’s fund, (ii) itemized account of expenditure break-up, (iii) foreseeable benefits or expected results to be achieved by the activities and services completed with BACHAO’s fund, and (iv) visual evidence of activities and services performed such as pictures, etc.

In addition, the Board of Directors will rely on local personal contacts and others already involved in similar charitable activities in Bangladesh to visit the project sites from time to time to verify the recipient organization’s activities. The Board of Directors will also personally visit the project sites whenever they travel to Bangladesh for their personal cause. It should be noted that no funding from the Organization will be used for travel costs of the Board of Directors.

How does BACHAO transfer funds?

All funds are disbursed to foreign recipient organizations through electronically wired transfers and local expenses here in US (BACHAO’s expenditure) are paid by check.

What practices does BACHAO have in place to ensure that foreign expenditures or asset transfers are not diverted to support terrorism or other non-charitable activities?

The BACHAO Board of Directors relies on a combination of a thorough vetting of the foreign non-profit organization, its key members and past activities, and a verification process for ensuring that overseas activities are in furtherance of its exempt purposes, and that the funds disbursed are used as intended and not diverted to support terrorism (directly or indirectly) or other non-charitable activities.

In addition, BACHAO will take the following additional steps: (a) assure itself that the foreign recipient organization or their key members who formed and operate the organization do not appear on the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons of US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list and are not otherwise subject to OFAC sanctions, (b) Conduct a reasonable search of publicly available information to determine whether the grantee is suspected of activity relating to terrorism, including terrorist financing or other direct and indirect support, (c) Request the grantee’s name in English, in Bengali, and any acronym or other names used to identify the grantee.

This information will also be used to conduct a search of the publicly available information (d) As a pre-condition to the issuance of a charitable fund, the recipient organization must certify that they do not deal with any individuals, entities, or groups that support terrorism and (e) BACHAO’s funding approval letter also specifies certain responsibilities to be fulfilled by the recipients as a part of their commitment to be submitted to BACHAO before the fund transfers are made.

Does BACHAO allow its individual contributors to state as to which specific project(s) they would like to apply their donation?

BACHAO’s Board of Directors has the ultimate authority to use contributions at their discretion as long as it is consistent with the organization’s mission. However, the Board of Directors of BACHAO has recently decided to allow individual contributors to state as to which specific project(s) (among all the projects already identified by BACHAO) they would prefer to be funded using a portion of their contribution. Although there is no guarantee, the BACHAO Board of Directors will make every attempt to comply with the donor’s wishes.

What is the typical amount of a BACHAO grant?

The typical amount of grants has in the past ranged anywhere from $500 to $3000 each year for each project. However, there is no set limit on grants. The BACHAO Board of Directors evaluate each funding request carefully to make sure any funding made yields maximum benefit.