BACHAO is a US-registered non-profit public charity organization formed in Southern California in 2008. The organization is formed to perform a variety of charitable activities in Bangladesh. The primary focus of BACHAO is to promote basic education and health care of underprivileged children in Bangladesh so that they have an opportunity for a better life.BACHAO believes that healthcare and education are the two most important factors to the growth of a child. Our hope is that by providing education and basic healthcare (including preventive immunization) to these underprivileged children, they will grow to become useful member of the society and attain economic independence.

BACHAO identifies projects in the poor neighborhood and villages of Bangladesh where we feel our resources can be most effectively used. BACHAO funds the projects directly or partner with other charitable organizations in Bangladesh who provide charity services consistent with BACHAO’s overall goal. Projects are funded based on their merit and only after they undergo a very thorough vetting process.

We further our purposes under this program by primarily raising money and collecting goods and supplies here and using that to support the charitable activities. The funds disbursed by BACHAO is completely transparent and is used only for activities which have zero overhead, are completely secular and non-political.

BACHAO's mission is to provide a helping hand to the needy and underprivileged people of Bangladesh so that they have an opportunity to better their life. We do this through these 5 areas.

  • Basic Education and healthcare to deprived children - to free them from the vicious cycle of illiteracy, hunger and poverty while empowering them through vocational training with an eye to enabling them to achieve economic independence and, further make them contributing members of society. 
  • Special Needs Individuals - the handicapped and the severely traumatized people in the area of providing ambulatory devices such as wheelchairs and walkers so that they are able to support themselves and be a productive member of society. 
  • Vocational and Life Skills Training and Education - in the area of providing tools such as sewing machines to people who can sew clothes to make a living, funding elementary school education for the slum children and higher education to meritorious poor students. 
  • Health & Hygiene - in the area of providing basic health care through free clinics which perform regular checkups and simple surgeries to patients who have otherwise no access to even the most rudimentary health care. 
  • Empowering Women - in the areas of providing basic adult education and providing the means through which they can engage in vocational activities and earn some money for the family.
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Dr. Saiful Islam      President / Director
Mr. Mohammed A. Chowdhury      Secretary / Director
Dr. Salahuddin Ahmed      Treasurer / Director
Mr. Kazi Asad Mamun     Director / Director of Communications
Mr. Jalil Khan      Director
Mr. Reza Kibria     Director
Ms. Elana Gofran      Director
Mr. Ahm Qutubuddin       Director
Dr. Roksana Karim      Director