Local Partner: Baharachara High School / Chittagong Rotary Club     Years Funded: 2011 - Present

Located 1-1/2 km from Bay of Bengal in one of the most cyclone prone regions, Baharchara Ratnapur High School serves a very poor area with one of the lowest income ranges. The school has 864 students, all from very poor families. 65% of the students are female. 95% of the families use open toilets and, as a result, have persistent health problems. A key objective of this project is to create health & hygiene awareness among the students and their families and implement measures to improve their hygiene conditions. A secondary objective is to motivate students to do better by recognizing them and rewarding them for their perseverance and good results in education. Over the years,

BACHAO’s funding has been used to:

  • Provide hundreds of Ring Toilets in to top ranking students of each of the 5 classes, 5th through 10th
  • Build multiple toilets to accommodate 600+ female students
  • Provide thousands of school bags to the top students of each class
  • Distribute over 1,000 water-proof  school bags to students
RAFCO Baharachara High School Eye Treatment Project
RAFCO Baharachara High School Eye Treatment Project