Local Partner: Hicare School       Years Funded: 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019

It is reported that approximately 1.2 million children in Bangladesh suffer from some form of hearing loss. The main goal of Hicare is to rehabilitate hearing impaired children. Hicare assesses the level of hearing loss, provides hearing aids, and integrates the children into a special school with specially trained teachers. Hicare also conducts  special camps once a year to raise awareness of how the effects of hearing loss are able to be overcome.

Funds provided by BACHAO will be used to:

  • Purchase the necessary equipment such as: hearing aids, molds, and batteries
  • Run the school where the children will learn to speak
  • Organize and publicize the awareness camps
  • Educate and train guardians of deaf children on the process of speech training and related problems