Local Partner: DNET       Years Funded: 2015

DNET Kallyani (Formerly Infolady) is a revolutionarytechnology-based ‘women for women’ social enterprise initiative whose missionis to promote fusion of social and technology innovations for buildingreplicable and scalable social development models that contribute towardspoverty alleviation, improving well-being and building peace.

BACHAO's funding has helped in the following ways:

  • Create leading-edge self-employment for rural educated young women for improving citizens’ wellbeing
  • Improve access to information for improving wellbeing of citizens through sustainable uptake in the area of health care, agriculture, entrepreneurship and education by creating new opportunities for raising income and better outcome in their lives
  • Support the Infoladies by contributing towards the purchase of equipment and working capital required for starting their journey as a woman entrepreneur.
  • Gift a bicycle: Support the Infolady through the gift of a specially designed bicycle that she will use to travel the ‘last mile’ to reach the community members.