Local Partner: Center for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP)        Years Funded: 2010-Present

CRP, founded in 1979, provides medical treatment and physical/economic rehabilitation for paralyzed people. They seek to promote an environment where all disabled people can have access to health, rehabilitation, education, employment, the built environment and information.84% of CRP’s patients come from the poorest part of the community who cannot, or struggle to, bear the cost of treatment & rehabilitation. Without assistance, most of them would be permanently disabled with no future and become a permanent burden on their families.

BACHAO’s funding is used by CRP to:

  • Provide various vocational skill development training and support those who are poor
  • To provide treatment, rehabilitation and support services focusing on physical, emotional, social, psychological, and economical aspects.
  • To develop centers in different parts of the country in order to expand the services for persons with disabilities in collaboration with other organizations
  • Provide sewing machines and wheelchairs each year forthe rehabilitation of the poor vocational trainees (provide necessarytools/equipment so that they can earn income on their own)

A warm thank you from Dr. Valerie Taylor of CRP